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PAULINE CANTWELL, HOSTESS OF “LIVE WELL WITH CANTWELL” SHOW ON 1490 WGCH RADIO –  GREENWICH IS SPONSORING A PROGRAM “WHO OWNS THE WEATHER?”  – Sunday, November 21, 2010, 2:00-4:00 PM at the Greenwich Library, 101 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT.

Speakers will include:
Geoff Brady, independent producer WBAI Pacifica Radio
Bonnie Hoag, Bonnefire Coalition, upstate New York
Cindy Pikoulas, Long Island educator

Geoff Brady will show footage from his DVD Climate Engineers” which was produced as a fundraiser for Pacifica network.  Ms. Hoag and Ms. Pikoulas will discuss how geoengineering techniques are being used to block the sun to save the planet.

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U.S. has highest mortality for chronic sinusitis

There has been a big increase in chronic sinusitis in the past five years.  The United States has the highest mortality rate with 87 deaths out of a total of 210 deaths worldwide.  the weighted average is 5.8 deaths per country.  See the world map and  chart of Mortality Statistics – Chronic sinusitis (most recent) by country from NationMaster  http://www.nationmaster.com/red/graph/mor_chr_sin-mortality-chronic-sinusitis&b_map=1

Could the increase of sulfates and other materials in the air to create a cloud cover to alleviate global warming be contributing to this increase of sinusitis? k out the links below from Mayo Clinic:
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Kerry/Lieberman Draft Climate Energy Legislation

Senators Kerry and Lieberman ratcheted up the fight to pass legislation to combat global warming unveiling a new climate bill on May 12, 2010, as the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster complicates the bill’s already difficult prospects this year.  The Gulf of Mexico spill has turned offshore drilling–an issue that was used to get votes from Republicans and conservative Democrats–into a political toxin.
Take time to read the bill and voice your opposition to your Senators at the toll free number 1-866-220-0044.

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