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Weather Warfare –

It is my firm belief that we have turned our atmosphere, oceans, and ultimately the land we depend on for food to sustain us to military and science experiments which have been sold to us as “technical fixes” for runaway climate change.

I was on the planning committee for the United Nations 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference “Climate Change–How It Impacts Us All” September 5-7, 2005.  From the start of the process I worked to make the dangers of geoengineering, weather warfare, commercial weather manipulation, and geoengineering a part of the dialogue.

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PAULINE CANTWELL, HOSTESS OF “LIVE WELL WITH CANTWELL” SHOW ON 1490 WGCH RADIO –  GREENWICH IS SPONSORING A PROGRAM “WHO OWNS THE WEATHER?”  – Sunday, November 21, 2010, 2:00-4:00 PM at the Greenwich Library, 101 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT.

Speakers will include:
Geoff Brady, independent producer WBAI Pacifica Radio
Bonnie Hoag, Bonnefire Coalition, upstate New York
Cindy Pikoulas, Long Island educator

Geoff Brady will show footage from his DVD Climate Engineers” which was produced as a fundraiser for Pacifica network.  Ms. Hoag and Ms. Pikoulas will discuss how geoengineering techniques are being used to block the sun to save the planet.

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Are Vitamin D Deficiencies Due to Increased Cloud Cover?

Doctors are now testing for Vitamin D  and are recommending supplements in cases of severe deficiencies.  Getting 15 minutes direct sunlight three to four times a week should allow the body to make proper amounts of Vitamin D.  It is important to get good skin exposure and avoid sunscreen for that period in order to get the benefits of the sun.
Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to immune system disorders and bone problems such as rickets and osteoporosis.  Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to breast cancer and lung disorders including asthma.  We need Vitamin D in order to utilize … Continue Reading

U.S. has highest mortality for chronic sinusitis

There has been a big increase in chronic sinusitis in the past five years.  The United States has the highest mortality rate with 87 deaths out of a total of 210 deaths worldwide.  the weighted average is 5.8 deaths per country.  See the world map and  chart of Mortality Statistics – Chronic sinusitis (most recent) by country from NationMaster  http://www.nationmaster.com/red/graph/mor_chr_sin-mortality-chronic-sinusitis&b_map=1

Could the increase of sulfates and other materials in the air to create a cloud cover to alleviate global warming be contributing to this increase of sinusitis? k out the links below from Mayo Clinic:
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Geoengineering Moratorium Proposal

ETC Group
News Release
18 May 2010

United Nations science body calls for halt on climate-hacking experiments
Geoengineering moratorium proposal will go to UN Biodiversity Convention


Nairobi, Kenya – A formal recommendation for a moratorium on all climate
geoengineering activities is being sent to the United Nations Convention on
Biological Diversity (CBD) for consideration by its 193 member governments
when the CBD gathers in Nagoya Japan this October.

Governments attending the Nairobi meeting of the scientific subcommittee of
the UN Convention (SBSTTA 14) agreed late last week to forward the
groundbreaking recommendation after a high degree of consensus was reached.
In a related move, the scientific subcommittee also reviewed and supported
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Shuttle Launch Creates Artificial Noctilucent Cloud

My husband and I got up to watch Monday’s 6:20 am shuttle launch in Florida.  I was shocked when the second phase seemed to spray something to create a noctilucent cloud.  It seemed strangely similar to the one deliberately created in the NASA/Navy C.A.R.E. rocket experiment launched from Wallop Island Virginia September 19, 2009,and seen spraying aluminum oxide over my house in Old Greenwich, CT.  Although NASA is not admitting that they conducted another experiment, they have posted an article on why this launch created this type of cloud.


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