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No Need to Rush Passage of Climate/Energy Bill

With the defeat of the Murkowski Resolution  the ability of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases has been upheld.  Therefore, there is absolutely no need for the comprehensive climate/energy bill being promoted by Senators Kerry and Lieberman.See the excellent analysis by Rosalind Peterson of Agriculture Defense Coalition and the attached poster we took to every Senate office in January.

Note that the Copenhagen Accord calls for the use of “unregulated markets” to promote unspecified adaptation and mitigation actions.  It sets up a UN Copenhagen Green Climate Fund to which President Obama pledged $100 billion a year from the United States…. Continue Reading

Kerry/Lieberman Draft Climate Energy Legislation

Senators Kerry and Lieberman ratcheted up the fight to pass legislation to combat global warming unveiling a new climate bill on May 12, 2010, as the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster complicates the bill’s already difficult prospects this year.  The Gulf of Mexico spill has turned offshore drilling–an issue that was used to get votes from Republicans and conservative Democrats–into a political toxin.
Take time to read the bill and voice your opposition to your Senators at the toll free number 1-866-220-0044.

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Time to Call Senate to Stop Cap and Trade Climate Bill

It appears that the Senate will try to rush through passage of a climate bill that will include cap and trade provisions.  Please call your senators and urge them not to pass any bill with this provision in it.

Following is a link to Rosalind Peterson’s website with a video clip of Senator Dorgan explaining the dangers of a carbon market along with an excellent article by Rosalind and links to other articles: