The Obama administration ’s bioethics commission is moving forward with plans to test anthrax vaccine on children, with one proposal to start with 18-year-olds and move to 17-year-olds and then down in age groups.  If this plan is approved, how will the children to be tested be chosen?  And will anthrax vaccinations be made mandatory for all children once the test is completed?  This has the potential to do great harm to our children, and I urge you to study the issue and voice your opposition.  After all, what will follow anthrax as there are unlimited diseases which could be weaponized and unleashed on society.  Will vaccines be prepared for all those diseases and administered to the public?

According to a March 18, 2013, Washington Post article  “[t]he public has the ability to make public comments in advance of the public meeting by e-mailing the NBSB mail box with “NBSB Public Comment” in the subject line prior by April 1, 2013:  E-Mail:

Check out details in the article below:

Ethics Panel Sets Bar for Anthrax Vaccine Research in Children

By David Brown, Published: March 18, 2013

The Obama administration’s bioethics commission on Tuesday laid out guidelines for testing anthrax vaccine in children that make such studies extremely difficult and probably impossible.

Studies of the controversial vaccine’s effects on children can be done only if the research poses at most a “minor increase over minimal risk” to their health. That would be the equivalent of becoming sick enough to miss several days of school or getting a chest X-ray.

“Higher risk is unacceptable in the context of pre-event . . . research,” the 13-Member Commission wrote in a 146-page report.           

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